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مجموعة متاجر إيكيا تشغيل 48 منصب بالعديد من المجالات بأسواقها بالمملكة

Ikea Maroc emploi

 IKEA recrute  48 Postes sur plusieurs villes

Consultez le poste qui vous intéresse pour postuler:

1.     Accounting Specialist

2.     Business Controller/Finance Controller

3.     Business Navigation and Operations Manager

4.     Carpenter Co-worker

5.     Central Unit Manager

6.     Checkout & Easy Buying Leader

7.     Co-Worker Experience Specialist

8.     Commercial Activity Leader

9.     Commercial Restaurant Group Leader

10.Communication & Interior Design Manager

11Customer Experience Manager Central Unit Morocco

12Customer Experience Manager

13.Delivery & Assembly Manager Central Unit

14.Deputy Sales Manager

15.Food & Beverage Manager

16.Goods Flow Group Leader

17.Goods Flow Team Leader

18. Goods Handout Team Leader

19Graphic Communication Leader

20.Hardware / Network administrator

21.IFB Team Leader

22.In-Store Logistics Team Leader

23.Interior Design Leader

24.Inventory Team Leader



25.IT Specialist

26.Kitchen Production Group Leader

27.Logistics Manager

28Maintenance Group Leader

29.People & Culture Development Group Leader

30.People & Culture Generalist Group Leader

31.Purchasing Specialist

32.Recovery Group Leader

33.Sales and Supply Support Manager Central Unit Morocco

34.Sales and Supply Support Specialist

35.Sales Leader Morocco Service Office

36.Sales Manager

37. Security Group Leader

38. Shopkeeper Commercial Activity

39. Shopkeeper

40.Shopping Experience Group Leader

41.Store Business Navigation and Operations Manager (BNOM)

42. Sustainability Specialist

43. Swedish Food Market & Bistro Group Leader

44.Talent Acquisition Manager

45.Talent Acquisition Specialist

46.Talent Development Manager

47. Talent Development Specialist

48.Warehouse Operations Manager Central Unit Morocco

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